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Pak lets JUD chief Saeed walk away!

While the Obama administration in the United States may call the release of Jamaat-ud-Dawa chief Hafiz Mohammad Saeed disturbing, it was very expected of Pakistan, which, in this case, is known for what it does second best – reneging on its promises without any concrete reasons whatsoever, the first being careful and systematic orchestration of state sponsored acts of terror.

Pakistan has for a long time now, with the aid of its intelligence agency, the Inter Services Intelligence, aided radical elements such as the Taliban and a dozen or more others that have been founded on the Kashmir / Anti-India agenda. The elected government, following its predecessor’s alignment with the United States on the War on Terror, maintains that Taliban style radical elements are a severe threat to itself more than any other sovereign. However, the inside story is hideously contradictory!

Several branches from within the Pakistan Army and the ISI continue to regularly collaborate with fundamental elements not only in the perpetration of violence but also in the drug trade which has flourished across the North western Frontier Province (NFWP), thanks to Afghanistan’s vast poppy expanses! It is interesting to note that despite the War on Terror, the United States is yet to announce a concrete program on the War on Drugs in the Af-Pak region, one that is a stark departure from its current policies in the Latin American region.

Knowing very well that the recently concluded Indian elections have ushered in a different climate in the country, and that the heat surrounding the 26/11 incident has died down across the political corridors in New Delhi, Pakistan has now chosen to honor what seems to be a premeditated promise to release elements detained as part of the Mumbai attacks episode. This proves beyond doubt that Pakistan had no intention to collaborate with Indian in bringing the criminals to justice. Merely coming under pressure from India and the United States, it did a sham act of detaining the JUD leader until such time that the nuances of the Mumbai incident would be forgotten. And when the opportune moment presented itself, the government of Pakistan let Saeed go, stating that the case against him was too weak to mandate his arrest. This despite India repeatedly providing unquestionable evidence to Pakistan which clearly indicates that key LeT personnel such as Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi, a close aide of Saeed, were in direct contact with the Mumbai attackers! Saeed’s statement denying Ajmal Amir Kasab’s links with the JUD is blatantly untrue and is most likely the echo of what the Pakistan interior ministry has told him to throw at the press during the time of his release!

One can therefore conclude beyond doubt that Pakistan not only desires to abstain from cooperating with India in investigating the Mumbai attacks, but has also clearly been the perpetrator of the attacks itself! What else could explain the negligent attitude towards the evidence submitted and now the release of the man who was acknowledged to be the mastermind behind the attacks?

The American Government can do little but issue statements of exclamation at this act, especially considering the prevailing warm bonhomie between the US State Department and the machinery in Pakistan which thrives because of an anti-India agenda. Besides, the United States, by virtue of accepting Pakistan as a ‘committed’ partner in the war on Terror, can do little to persuade the latter to aid India in the Mumbai investigation and many many others!

As a show of support, the US Administration continues to shower Pakistan with huge financial aides meant to augment the Anti-Terror campaign, while being fully aware that a large chunk of these goodies are systematically diverted to a long list of recipients proximate to the ISI.

The perpetually hawkish State Department and its anti-India stance is very well known, as has been witnessed for a few decades now! Richard Holbrooke can do a lot of nay saying in the media concerning this episode, but that does not change the situation in the ground which involves the complicity of the ISI and several other radical factions in their devious agenda of perpetrating terror in the NWFP region, making it, easily, one of the most dangerous places on Earth!

  1. Srini
    June 3, 2009 at 6:08 pm

    It’s a wonderful analysis and spot on!

  2. June 3, 2009 at 6:25 pm

    Ofcourse, This was bound to happen… but one had a little hope specially after 26/11

    ISI… is the single most dangerous entity for India.. Not just because of its aims… or because of its superb ( read better than India) network in our country… but just because of its willingness to go out of the way to share it with every tom dick n harry bent on raising hell in India..

    Money from the US no doubt is getting used for other purposes than intended.. But as you said.. They cannot do anything.. majorly… to go against it.. and they can afford most it going to waste and thier work being done a little… Paise ka khel hai..

    NWFP… is a dangerous area … for India always dangerous.. cause of the main recruiting area for terrorist elements… Whole of the country seems to be obsessed with a anti india paranoia.. heightened to the extremes by biased text books and media..

    It is us who should be infact…cause of their denial to give up the right to first use.. well thats out of the context now…

    The thing I find most impressive ( neutrally speaking , not as and Indian) that the coming together of the various factions.. the army.. ISI… the United Jihad Council (Umbrella group) when any thing is to be done against India..

    I thought to divert Taliban from their own interiors.. all they had to do was to start another kargil and the forces would have been diverted towards our nation.. which is what has been happening.. but it doesnt seem likely now.. but then.. most of the times.. unlikely things happen..


  3. June 3, 2009 at 6:27 pm

    And ofcourse on his release.. I thought they would put him in charges..and then.. inside prison..out of the media he would not be ill treated.. but then.. I never thought they would openly release him n all..

    no doubt due to …

    “Knowing very well that the recently concluded Indian elections have ushered in a different climate in the country, and that the heat surrounding the 26/11 incident has died down across the political corridors in New Delhi,”

    as you put it..

  4. June 5, 2009 at 12:13 pm

    Srini – Many thanks! Appreciate your comments!

  5. June 5, 2009 at 12:20 pm


    Yes, Saeed’s release was expected as his detention was only a hastened act of Pakistan saving itself from the pressure exerted by the International community!

    One wonders in awe about, like you said, the unity of different agencies within Pakistan while it comes to India bashing and executing terrorist acts within India using many well coordinated sleeper cells which are difficult to detect, considering that they have entered illegally into the country and lie low for a very long time!

    A well coordinated network of the intelligence mechanism and the will to take notice of their outputs is what the country needs at this hour!

    Thanks for your comments! Appreciate it!


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